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COVID-19: Emergency Patients Only

Starting on Wednesday, March 18, for a period of 14 days, all appointments for elective dental treatments and preventative oral care- in other words, all non-urgent care will be postponed to a later date. Patients requiring emergency treatment due to an infection, acute pain or trauma and who, as a result are in need of

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What’s Causing Your Teeth to Be Cold Sensitive?

Cold sensitivity is a common problem that we see in our Philadelphia, PA dental practice.  This condition can affect anyone and has many causes.  Here are some reasons why you may be experiencing the problem. Gum recession – Your gum tissue covers the roots of your teeth.  When you begin to lose gum tissues, the

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Beware of These DIY Dentistry Dangers

If you have a toothache, you’ll do anything to get out of pain fast. When it’s late or over the weekend, most of us turn to the internet to find fast fixes for dental problems. Unfortunately, a lot of DIY dental tips you see on sites like Pinterest are written by non-dental professionals — and

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What Does Your Tongue Say About You?

You could use your tongue to describe yourself however you please. Most of us want to make a good first-impression on a job interview or a first date, so it’s easy to use our tongue to stretch the facts or highlight our strong points. But did you know that your tongue can actually reveal the

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How to Choose the Perfect Toothbrush in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to picking out a toothbrush, the most important thing is finding one that’s perfect for you. Get started with these four steps. Visit a Philly Dentist for Recommendations One of the first things you should do is see a dentist for personalized advice. Your Philadelphia family dentist can recommend a few different

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Your Pregnancy and Your Smile: What You Need to Know

When you’re planning to welcome a new baby, your dental health may be the last thing on your mind. But as an expectant mother, the health of your teeth and gums is now more important than ever before. The Dentists on the Square in Philly regularly see expectant moms. We’re sharing some important oral health

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Don’t Put Off Those Dental Fillings!

Do you hate getting dental fillings in Philly? You’re not alone. Most people don’t like getting (or paying for) dental treatment. But treating tooth decay is essential to your dental health. It’s not something you can afford to postpone either medically or financially. Untreated Cavities Will Get Worse Fillings remove and replace the decayed tooth

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Here’s Why Your Teeth and Gums Want You to Drink More Water

You know that staying hydrated is essential for healthy body function. But your oral health is also directly affected by the amount of water you drink. Philadelphia dentists explain why water is so important. Hydration Keeps Your Mouth Comfortable Your mouth produces saliva to help break down food. In fact, the digestive process begins right

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Should Your Kids See a Pediatric Dentist in Philadelphia?

There are many capable pediatric and general dentists right here in Philly. How do you decide between a pediatric dentist and a regular dentist for your child? When a Pediatric Dentist Is Best for Your Child Pediatric dental offices are equipped to provide dental treatment under unique or sensitive circumstances. They’ll have equipment that helps

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Dentists on the Square

4.7 / 5.0

Based on 83 reviews

  • Marianne M.

    Dentists on the Square is great. I’ve had a lot of work done, and they are by far the best practice I’ve been to. They are preventative in mindset, which makes a huge difference to minimize issues before they are large scale problems. The team collaborates and they are very attentive. And now I walk out after a cleaning with much whiter teeth! My hygienist is amazing!

  • Betty H.

    This was my best experience at a dentist office. The staff was AWESOME!!!!. I had some major dental work done and still the experience was wonderful. Thanks, Bonnie for the warm welcome.

  • Jackie E.

    DOTS is fantastic! I’ve been a long time patient and have referred many friends. Their staff and doctors are attentive, caring and always willing to sit down and plan out treatment and talk through your benefits. Thank you!

  • Heidi S.

    They actually have me excited to get implants. The staff is amazing and extremely kind. Very thorough and comprehensible, even with such a detailed process. Thank you!! I’m very happy to have been recommended to come here.

  • Candace V.

    I highly recommend! The staff is really friendly and nice. I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Roberts and Vince and they are great. I was really nervous to have that type of treatment but they reassured me that I would be okay and made it a good experience. It is so worth it!

  • Angela B.

    My first appointment at DOTS was pretty incredible. I had a traumatic experience at my last dentist three years ago that resulted in my 1) developing severe anxiety around going to the dentist and 2) me putting off my dental health for a while. Everyone at DOTS was incredible and super supportive. Shoutout to the hygienist and dentists there that get their patients through the appointments with humor and professionalism. I think I might actually look forward to the dentist now!

  • Jake P.

    Incredibly knowledgeable and professional staff. Really pleased with my experience! This is now my go to dentist office.

  • Harry G.

    Everyone is very friendly, the office is very clean and well organized. I will definitely be returning for my dental work.

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